Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Time Is It? NOW!

As I spend yet another early morning killing valuable time waiting for the sun to rise so I can get back to work to continuing doing stuff I have been dreading all night, it is with great irony that I find an unfinished blog dated January 2013 called The Time Is Now.

Apparently it was a message to myself, as the time is usually ‘not yet’, ‘almost’, ‘pretty soon’ or ‘someday’.

They are the answers to big questions such as “When will you start doing what you love?”,  “when will you stop doing what you don’t love?” and “when will you finally become who you were meant to be?”

Answers to small things are so much easier.

Hot fudge sundae? Yes please!
When would you like a fabulous dress that is on sale and fits you perfectly. Now please!
I have no relatives and I’m giving away my fortune to strangers- would you like some? Sure!

It’s the truly life changing questions that require us to get out of our comfort zone and put some effort into our dreams that are easily put off. How ironic they are the same dreams that can transform our lives from just trying to get from the start of the day to the end of the day without losing it, to finally feeling alive and wondering why it took us so long to wake up and start living.

I’m not going to edit my blog draft, because the point is abundantly clear, even in its raw form. The trick is living it instead of just reading it.

The Time is Now

If I told you that NOW is the time

The time to move

The time to learn

The time to grow

The time to love

The time is NOW

What would you say?

In a minute, after the laundry, maybe tomorrow?

If you believed you only had a short time left on this earth,

Who would you made amends with? Call them.

Who would you thank? Thank them.

Where would you go? Go.

What stress would you remove from your life? Get rid of it.

The time is now to do what you must do, what you want to do, what you’ve dreamed of doing.

Don’t worry, the “have to dos” will still be there, tugging on your sleeve, trying to keep you from rising above it all like a balloon trying to break free of its tethers. But what about the "want to dos"?

Now is the time for “I wish I could one day… some day”.

Living in the shadow of the memories of loved ones whose one days were taken away.

When it’s warm.

When I feel better.

When I get a new job.

When I have no more obligations.

When I retire.


Lose weight?

Start exercising?

Go to Hawaii?

Soon. Eventually. Maybe next year.

But here’s the thing: It is next year.

And have we started yet?

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